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Querbeat Bandsession (open stage)

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Superlative Rock 'n' Roll? 

i.I.: "what does superlative Rock 'n' Roll mean?" 

Rikky:"That's a very good question. It is not a matter of quality or perfection, it means: We feel the Rock 'n' Roll in a superlative way."

 i.I.: "superlative?" 

Rikky:"Yes. I was inspired by the words that are written on every Rolex watch: Superlative Chronometer, officially certified" 

i.I.:" Rikky you are german. Do you even know the meaning of the word superlative?" 

Rikky:"Not really. But that is not the point. It sounds great. Better than the words "officially certified". I wouldn't like to call my music "officially certified Rock 'n' Roll". " 

i.I.:"OK. Rikky, thank you for this Interview" 

Rikky:"You're welcome. Do you want some tea?"

 i.I.:" No, thank you, i am just an imaginary Interviewer" 

Rikky:"Sorry, i forgot."

The Rikky Schumann Band:

Rikky: vocals, bass, guitar

Denis: guitar, keyboard, vocals

Micha: drums, vocals, violin

Katja: sax, trumpet

Anika: vocals


Bandinfo R.S.B. 08.07.2019.pdf (205.63KB)
Bandinfo R.S.B. 08.07.2019.pdf (205.63KB)